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WTJX NEWSFEED: December 7, 2023

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On today's WTJX NewsFeed, police responded to a bomb threat earlier today at the St. Croix Educational Complex High School and Career and Technical Educational Center. Officers arrested 23-year-old Quasheem Christian of St. Croix for the murder of Chandler “Frenchie” Heath, a St. Thomas man killed in January. Senators vote to allow the Commissioner of Education to hire School Health Technicians for every public school in the Territory. This move aims to address the shortage of medical professionals on school campuses. Listen to these stories and more.

Marcellina Ventura-Douglas is the Radio News Reporter for WTJX-FM, 93.1. Born and raised on St. Croix, Ventura-Douglas graduated from the University of the Virgin Islands, where she received her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. While at UVI, she worked in the office of Senator Shawn-Michael Malone before beginning her career in radio. Ventura-Douglas fell in love with radio growing up, when she and her father would spend every morning and afternoon listening to local radio news legend, Alvin G. After leaving Senator Malone's office, she became the program director of Vivid Streaming. She then joined WTJX-TV, Channel 12 as a producer. Soon after, she was tapped to switch to WTJX-FM to present an evening news. She is passionate about bringing radio news to the Virgin Islands community through the WTJX NewsFeed, airing every weekday at 5:00pm on 93.1 FM and available online, on demand.
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